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Smartwatches are one of the most important accessories of our rapid age as they complement the function of your smartphone. These days, it seems that not a week has passed and no new model of smartwatches is released with updated features, more functionality and higher performance levels. How do you know which model will serve you more and suit you? Maybe you're looking for an elegant watch to show you your business messages, or you want a watch that monitors you speed while swimming, and in our article today we'll get to know the latest and best smartwatches of our day.

  Huawei Watch 2 : Best alternative to your smartphone

The first Android smartwatch to operate as a smartphone replacement and at the highest level thanks to its impressive technologies. The Huawei 2 includes cellular connectivity, user navigation maps as well as messaging apps. On top of that, it also includes Google Play where you can download a huge amount of different great apps and you can navigate between the app and the other smoothly.

Watch features

•        Google Assistant support, which also provides the user with voice and quick response.

•        Works with 4GB of memory, provides GPS location service and has its own Antina antenna.

•        Circular shape, allowing you to see comfortably during daylight hours as well as a 1.2-inch amould screen size.

•        Designed to suit different exercise programs, you can choose what you want through its health app.

The downsides of the watch

•        Comes only with 4GB of internal storage.

•        There is no automatic detection to start or terminate the sports activity.

•        The design of the traditional stainless steel watch structure has been replaced by plastic.

•        Designed against dust and water up to a depth of only one meter.

Bit Beit Verma Watch: Your Workout Companion

There is no "watch" competing in personal fitness control. The "Vita Beth Versa" watch tracks your progress in your physical activity in 15 types of sports, and there are other measures: sleep stages and times, heart rate, number of walking steps, number of calories you burned, number of stairs you have climbed, rest time and even contemplative breathing. Moreover, it also brings you notifications from your phone like any other smartwatch.

Watch features

•        follow 15 different types of sport and display it to you on the screen in a distinctive and dynamic way.

•        The device reveals that you have stopped doing sports, and then gives you a summary when you have finished it.

•        A light and clear display, making it easy to read.

•        For swimming and diving, it offers a clear and easy-to-read display, even under a depth of 50 metres.

•        A very smooth watch that gives you remarkable speed of response without the slightest delay in carrying out its tasks.

•        With its battery power, it works for 3-4 days in a single charge.

The downsides of the watch

•        GPS is not available.

•        The square-shaped touch screen is circular corners and is not able to respond underwater enough.

•        It is difficult to replace the charger.

•        The platform for the payment application is not user-friendly.

Samsung Galaxy Watch: Your companion in the office or in the playground

Samsung, in addition to being a unique watch of elegance and beauty, is an hour for sports enthusiasts. It follows very carefully a lot of your activities: 39 different types of sports, 60 unique fitness programs, so you can create a program that suits your own needs. Equipped with a high-level GPS positioning system, a height gauge as well as an atmospheric pressure scale, it is suitable for difficult journeys in the wild and even high-rise mountaineering.

Watch features

•        Includes automatic tracking of 6 different exercises.

•        The battery is powerful, and the watch runs for 4 consecutive days after charging.

•        Automatically provides navigation service once the edges around the screen are rotated.

•        A beautiful 1.3-inch amoulide display that you can easily read.

The downsides of the watch

•        Lacks WhatsApp support, Messenger's facebook conversations app and Google Maps.

•        Samsung's default assistant is not high-level.

•        Updating the time takes half a second, and each time "start over".

The third version of the Apple Watch: last year's version

Apple's world-renowned version 3 is an ideal asset thanks to the amazing features of this smartwatch. They receive messages, calls, appointments on the calendar, and all the texts you receive and send to you from your phone. You monitor your heart rate, the number of steps while walking, and the calories you burned while doing different sports, including swimming and cycling. And don't forget the step-by-step travel directions from Google Maps, all around your wrist.

Watch features

•        With its GPS location service you won't be afraid to get lost.

•        Great touchscreen, available at 38 or 42 mm so it can be used as a flashlight.

•        Waterproof and its cover fits swimming.

•        Music and software are broadcast directly from your phone to your smartwatch.

The downsides of the watch

•        Processor delays occur when you open programs or return to the 'home'.

•        Siri assistant service is not yet as complete as it should be.

•        There are a lot of applications that have not yet been installed, and there are a lot of errors.

•        It does not meet the latest LTE standards.